Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tay Peng Hian 郑炳贤获选为国际集邮联合会的会长

Tay Peng Hian 郑炳贤
Catholic High alumnus Tay Peng-Hian (Senior Middle 3/1961) was elected as the new President-leader of the prestigious body Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) on 10 Oct.

FIP has looked after stamp collectors and philatelists since 1926 - growing from a society of a handful European Philatelic Federations to a Federation with a network throughout the world with
  • 87 Regular Members (National Philatelic Federations)
  • 3 Associated Members (Continental Federations)
  • Promotional Members (a new type of Membership for Postal Administrations).
Tay Peng Hian started participating in FIP events as early as 1978. He was an exhibitor at PRAGA 1978. Thereafter, he has seamlessly built up 3 world class collection that won him 4 coveted FIP Grand Prix Awards:
1. Straits Settlements Classic:
Grand Prix International PHILAKOREA 1984
2. Burma Classic:
Grand Prix International POLSKA 1993
3. Netherlands Classic:
Grand Prix International PHILAKOREA 2002
Grand Prix D' Honneur CHINA 2009 (FIP Champion of Champions)

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